Oma Rapeti


100mm x 130mm

50 limited edition prints

This print is dedicated to Rangi Rabbit, Peter Rabbit’s estranged brother. It was done especially for dinner guests that attended the Artist Evening held at Vinnies by Geoff Scott on the 7th May, 2014. Rangi was there in spirit…and pie!

Here is Peter Rabbits ‘wild rabbit’ brother, Rangi. He has a look of excitement and anticipation as he received an invite to the dinner event at Vinnies by Geoff Scott, on the 7th May 2014.  Of course, Rabbits can’t read so he didn’t get that he was the main course! He is day dreaming of lovely fresh carrots, savoy cabbage, foraged chestnuts, butter pastry and crisp herbs and spices, which is all served up on a beautiful plate. What nice evening ahead….so he thinks.