Art vs Object Exhibition – Allpress Gallery

Shane started the year wanting to take it slow and easy, but ended up with the nitro switch on and his foot to the floor.  As the year nears an end and the finish line is in sight, Shane’s  final exhibition ‘Art vs Object’ rounds things off rather nicely.

Opening at Allpress Gallery, 8 Drake Street, on the 30th October until the 8th November ‘Art vs Object’ showcases a collection of new pieces which tie ‘art’ together with ‘object’ in a variety of unique ways.

“I have a love of beautiful things. My whare is adorned with objects that serve more than their purpose. They are objects of beauty and in some way this is more important than the function they perform. As an artist, I’m not tied to any particular artistic practice, so if I’m inspired to create something, it can take whatever form I feel it needs to in order to satisfy my fancy.”

The opening has been coined ‘An Artistic Experience’ as guests have the opportunity to connect with the works through different, creative activities. One can produce a limited edition print at the screen printing station, whack out some beats on a Cajon drum, pull a trick on a custom BMX, caress the curve of the macrocarpa table top, serenade a lover on the Madill Guitar or luxuriate on one of the original art rugs. If guests would rather observe than take part, there will be special performances by musicians and artists providing a full bodied experience for all.

“For me, this show is about connecting with the mind, body and soul. It’s something that stimulates all the senses and stirs a feeling within. Art, whatever form it takes, has the power to connect us all, bringing us together in a vibrant, multicultural, energizing way.”

Come down, enjoy the beautifully engineered coffee and check out ‘Art vs Object’ at Allpress Gallery.