Manu Tioriori Guitar

This is a piece of magic! Shane commissioned legendary Luthier & Musician, Peter Madill to make this guitar so he could embellish it with his work. Named ‘Manu Tioriori’ (Song Bird), it is a homage to all those amazing musicians who have influences Shane’s love of music. All the elements of the artwork are about the structure of music and how it connects and make us feel, how it grows inside us and creating emotions and nostalgia.

‘I wanted a real natural look and feel for this piece. Peter used Tanekaha for the body and a Fijian grown American Mahogany for the neck. I use water based stains for the artwork as I wanted the grains of the wood to show through and the piece soak in and be ‘part’ of the spirit of the instrument. Peter is a true artist as the workmanship on the guitar is perfection. Manu Tioriori sings a song of love and beauty. He spreads good vibes to all who are lucky enough to hear him sing.’

Meet Peter Madill