Urban Taniwha BMX

This high spec Avanti BMX is designed for the urban enthusiast. It is specifically engineered for an urban street/jump environment. Nicknamed ‘Urban Taniwha’ to represent the spirit of its intent. Modern maori motifs have been used to express movement and energy, to show a connection between rider and machine. Subtle use of gold motifs on the chrome framework  gives the bike a reptilian quality. The front forks finished in luminescent black pearl with high gloss gold flecks, suggest a morphing of bike and creature from the deep.

‘In order to get the subtle finish I wanted, the bike had to be stripped right back before the artwork could be applied. Even the rims were stripped from black, polished then anodized in gold. I wanted the gold to gently inhabit the chrome. The design elements all grow and expand from the strongest part of the frame. If you look at the design as a whole you will see the ‘Taniwha’. His arms support the front shocks, his legs and tail spread towards to back wheel. He who rides the beast, tames the beast.’

Check out the specs on the Avanti Bike here: