BMW M235i (Art)2

Art Car based on original artwork (Art)2

I was asked to create an artwork that represented the new BMW M235i, officially launched in October 2014. The piece had to acknowledge it’s heritage, harking back to the legendary 1960s BMW 2002 – a true auto legend. (Art)2 is all about the beginning and the future.

The 60s, the decade of geometric prints, mini skirts, beehives and skinny jeans, influenced fashion as we know it today. If you were hip, you had it! 1967 saw BMW launch the 2002, to a fashion hungry market. This tight little package, pop-modern designed, well engineered automobile set a style that lives and breathes today! Combining fresh, vibrant colours with shiny chrome detailing, BMW set a standard of fashion forward design with an ultimate driving experience. Roll on 2014 and the evolution continues with the introduction of the M235i, which lives and breathes its heritage to the max.

(Art)2, the Power of Two. The number ‘2’ is focal point creating a perfect balance between the past and the future. It makes a bold statement of the heritage which supports it. The sleek, flowing silhouette of the 2014 M235i, casts a pop-modern reflection of its ancestor, the 2002. (Art)2 is a work of two parts, the Reflection and the Future meet in the middle.

‘The Reflection’ represents the cutting edge style the 2002 bought to the 60s fashion focussed motoring market. Every shape, contour line and colour shown are all beautiful elements and influences from the 2002. This is a homage to the foundation and standard the 2002 set for any BMW 2 series to come. The Reflection is portrayed in a 60s style with geometric shapes and configurations to create a pop-wallpaper type pattern referencing all the makes the 2002 unique.

‘The Future’ is a homage to the past while stamping its mark on the future.  It presents itself in a more energetic, flowing, organic manner, that grows like urban calligraphy – kind of wild, kind of tamed. There is an animal lurking under the hood waiting to pounce. It makes a bold statement with cutting edge style, sleek lines and pure passion. Life streams from it and around it – a natural energy that grows and spreads from within. Modern, contemporary motifs, combine with striking colours and hard lines taking us into the future of automative brilliance. It is easy to see its genetic traits and lineage when one views the two together.

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